Some 7 questions you need to ask before buying used heavy machinery

Some questions you need to ask before buying used heavy machinery

Buy and sell heavy equipments is all a big thing. It’s a fact that it has multiple benefits, but most buyers tend to think mostly about what inconveniences can come from buying.


We suggest that before taking a decision of buy used equipment, you should take into account a lot of factors to help you discover the value of the equipment you represent for your company. In the following article you’ll find some questions to help you evaluate a machine and its utility for your business.


1.Why buying used machines?

Buying used machines can be more reliable than buying machines new, as you may experience fewer problems. The reason is that many of the initial errors were found, examined and previously arranged. You can also save a lot of money by buying equipment used. When you go to a legitimate CAT dealer, you can be sure that used products have been inspected to ensure product quality.


2.How to know if the machine is in good condition terms? 

When buying a used or new machine it is always important that it is tried and tested when possible, the other option is to receive insurance from warranty. This is done as a precaution and to ensure that the machine is in good condition and working before the final purchase. Many companies make arrangements to allow the prospective buyer to examine the machines in the site before purchase is complete. In the same way it is so important to always examine them.


3.Should I use a sales agent?

A specialized machinery sales agent will help you find the right machine for you. Many agents got the advantage of having the contacts and resources needed to connect sellers and buyers with the machine specific they need. When hiring the services of a good agent you can save time and money at the same time will ensure obtaining a quality product. An agent has the knowledge and experience of the local market, contacts in the global market, and can assess the technical solvency of the machinery.


4.Which is the serial number?

The serial number will help you find the history of the equipment, providing information on the value and details of your purchase.


5.What are the dimensions?

You surely don’t wanna buy a heavy equipment machinery and wait for it to arrive at your property, only to discover that it is too much bigger than the allotted space. So make sure you get the correct measurements of the space that you will designate to the machine before final purchase.


6.How and where was the machine working before?

A legitimate CAT dealer can provide this information for you, because determine how machine history can affect the future role it will play in the productivity of your business.


7.Should I buy brand name machines?

When you buy heavy equipments machinery, brands play a main role, especially when you are looking for used machinery. Buy good brand machinery and reputation will help you ensure the quality of it. Another advantage is finding parts of the brand easily in case of future repairs. In the other hand, if your decision leans towards non-branded products, finding parts can be complicated and troublesome.


Once you consider all of these factors and determine what is most important in your purchase, you will be sure that the equipment you are buying meets the needs and requirements that your company needs.


To find quality and good brand equipment you can consult us. When buying machinery with a company like parts conexion you can save without sacrificing quality. If you are looking for used machinery, one of our legitimates CAT dealers can help you answer your questions quickly and reliably


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