How to maximize your Heavy Equipment Machinery life on these simple 5 perfect steps

How to maximize your Heavy Equipment Machinery life on these simple 5 steps

Have you ever wondered how you can make your heavy machinery perform more and for a long time? Well, god for you, here are some simple steps you can begin today to improve and extend the service life of your construction equipment.

1.making a commitment to a preventive maintenance program.

We’ve already told you before, but preventive maintenance  helps anticipate change, and wear and tear. Corrective actions are taken continuously to ensure reliability and performance.  This involves regular systematic inspections, modification and replacement of components as well as performance testing and analysis.

A successful preventive maintenance program for heavy equipment extends construction equipment life and minimizes unscheduled downtime caused by equipment breakdown.

2.Identifying main causes of machinery breakdown in yours

By identifying potential causes of failure before they occur, you can save a lot of money  and maintain consistent work flows.

There are three types of machinery failure. Their causes and solutions are listed below.

  • Sudden failure is when machinery breaks without warning. Usually, the reason is that the part is then fixed or replaced, and the equipment is returned to service.
  • Intermittent failure happens sporadically. This stoppage happens randomly, and it can be difficult to identify the cause.
  • Gradual failure is entirely preventable by doing routine maintenance and inspections for heavy equipment.

Anticipating failure is at the heart of all preventive maintenance. Thorough knowledge of your machinery’s systems is the key to anticipating what’s likely to fail if proper maintenance is ignored, this helps you anticipate and predict problems before they leave your e heavy quipment inoperable.

3.Get to know your equipment inside and out

Thorough product knowledge is invaluable when it comes to implementing an effective preventive maintenance program. Often, gaining this vital information is as simple as finding it in the machine’s equipment manual that has been researched and documented to isolate issues and prescribe the proper preventive maintenance.

Taking the time to read and understand the heavy equipment manual should be a core principle, Manuals will prescribe the recommended service intervals for each component in the machine, what servicing products to use and what the acceptable operating conditions are for the equipment.

4.Train your employees for the effective operation of heavy equipment

Trained machinery operators are more productive and cause less wear on machinery than untrained. They are also gonna be safer to themselves and others working nearby. Properly trained operators will be more respectful of their equipment and more likely to look after it before, during and after construction duties. That’s going to save you money in repairs and replacement.

Operators have to know more than just how to start and run their machinery. They need to be aware of what routine, day-to-day maintenance tasks are required and how to perform them without fail. Clear communication about a machine’s limitations as well as instruction on the controls and monitoring systems will help increase the life of your vital machines.

Good-trained operators are frontline reporters of any damage or early warning signs that a machine is heading toward failure.

  1. Keep a service history of your heavy equipment

Keeping detailed service records is an important component for your preventive maintenance. It’s impossible to mentally keep track of what type of servicing has been done on your machinery, and that includes when maintenance was done and when it needs to be done again.

These let you keep an accurate picture of a particular machine’s history.

This should include the date, what type of servicing was performed, what parts were replaced, when the next regular servicing is required and notations as to any peculiarities or irregularities that were observed.

All of this is important for daily operations, but it also strongly supports any warranty claim where there may be a dispute that mechanical failure was caused by neglect to perform the required maintenance for heavy equipment.

If you have doubts about any step you do not want to receive effective advice from experts, do not hesitate to go to Parts Conexions, we will gladly help you.

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