The Best Caterpillar Dealers in USA in 2020

There are a couple of different things you want to look for when you are serious about working with only the best Caterpillar dealers in the business today.

A lot of companies out there promote themselves as top-tier CAT Dealer businesses, but the truth the matter is that it's harder than most think to find heavy equipment dealers near me that are trustworthy, that have great prices, and that stand behind equipment they provide.

Below is a quick guide to help you navigate through all of the different heavy equipment dealers out there to pick and choose from, hopefully settling on construction equipment dealers you can trust to get great pieces of machinery you need to complete projects at the highest possible level .


The first thing you want to do is look into the reputation of all the construction machinery dealers you're thinking about working with. You want to be sure that they can help you by excavator equipment (and other types of equipment) that is high-quality, legitimate, and well serviced - if it is previously owned - and that's only going to be possible if they have a trustworthy reputation in the industry and the area.

Personal Inspection

It's also always a good idea to have a look at any of the inventories used equipment dealers that specialize in Caterpillar excavator, skid steer, and backhoe equipment offer - even if you are going to take advantage of heavy equipment shipping options later down the line to have those pieces of machinery sent to job sites or locations around the country.

If you can't personally inspect the equipment yourself you want to make sure that the dealer provides you with detailed documentation, high definition footage of the equipment itself, and maybe even video clips scanning the equipment so that you can have a look yourself even without physically being there.

Take advantage of these tips and tricks when selecting a Caterpillar dealer and you'll be good to go!

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