Construction equipments mostly used, top 5 common types of heavy machinery

Construction equipments mostly used, top five common types of heavy machinery

Are you thinking about buying heavy machinery or heavy equipment? You should know that there are several teams, each with its own set of uses. As you evaluate the projects your company carries out, you can decide what kinds of heavy machinery to add to your fleet.

These kits fit perfect to construction jobs of almost any size, from home construction to large-scale commercial and civil projects. If you want to know the most common types, you came to the right place, on next parts conexion article, we will introduce you to the different kinds of heavy machinery that are indispensable for the construction sector.


Excavators (Heavy equipment):

They’re important equipment commonly used in the construction industry. Their main function is excavation, but they are also used for different applications, such as lifting heavy objects, demolition, dredging rivers, cutting down trees, etc.There are many types of excavators and  at conexion parts we have a huge stock to buy and sell used and completely new of them.


Bulldozers (Heavy equipment):

They are used to remove the surface layer of the soil (or weak earth) to a particular depth, But also to remove rock strata, earth lifting, etc. Ground removal is done through the wide, sharp-edged metal plate on your forehead. This plate can be raised and lowered, that is, leveled, thanks to its hydraulic pistons.


Telehandlers (Heavy equipment):

These are highly versatile lifting machines that are mainly used in the construction industry. They are usually known for lifting pallet boards and moving heavy loads to high, hard-to-reach areas.

Nowadays, most of models have combined capabilities to make them more efficient at performing a variety of jobs. They come equipped with telescopic arms and various lifting accessories to suit relevant project jobs.

In fact, they can perform the same applications as forklifts, cranes, and work platforms thanks to a design element known as a “quick hitch,” which essentially allows the operator to switch between attachments quickly and safely, minimizing time and effort when transporting materials that might require two or more machines.


Skid Steer  (Heavy equipment):


This one is great for any project that involves moving earth or leveling the ground in tight places where an excavator cannot enter or traverse. While most skid steer have wheels, there are also crawler versions.

They have a large number of accessories, so they should not necessarily be used for a single specific task on the construction site. You can easily exchange accessories and carry out multiple projects with the same machine.


Compactors (Heavy equipment):

Compactors or also known as Rollers are used to compact the material or earth surface. Different types of compactors are available for different compacting purposes.

Agricultural use; As a means to preserve and store forage, baler wrapper compactors are used to exclude oxygen from the forage and wrap it in air tight film. Without access to air the forage is preserved fresh for longer periods of time

Smooth wheel rollers are used for compacting shallow layers of soil or asphalt etc. sheep-foot rollers are used for deep compaction purposes. Pneumatic tyred rollers are used for compacting fine grained soils, asphalt layers etc.

This is our little top 5, some of these mentioned machines have different subclasses according to their use. If you are not sure what type of machinery you want to purchase or what its specific function is, we recommend you consult your questions with a legitimate CAT dealer. At Parts Conexion we are legitimate CAT dealers in florida and have the best models of heavy machinery for the construction and mining sectors. If you are interested in any of ours, do not hesitate to contact us


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